LA Pop Artist Releases "Little Less Shy"

Los Angeles Pop Artist Holander Releases “Little Less Shy” Single
by Jessica Golich

Sitting on the hot seat of her life and finding honesty as the highest form of intimacy, Los Angeles Pop Artist, Holander, expresses her current chapter of life in which she has overcome being timid and reserved throughout her latest upbeat single release, “Little Less Shy”. Dating in the millennial world has revolved around the lack of an immediate text back, flirtation over social media, hiding behind a cloak and playing games, Tinder dates gone wrong and the lack of being upfront with how you really feel, and it’s apparent that Holander is beyond over it and ready for someone who can handle all that she has to offer. Be consistent, untie the binding knots and strike when the iron is hot. Do not flatter and shield your precious ego from 'blame' when you make an error or mistake. Be brutally honest with others and yourself, and only then can you have a slice of what Holander has to offer. 

Although Holander's energy is fun and light, her vocal talent is contagious nothing short of incredible throughout “Little Less Shy”. Carrying Pop elements that are heard throughout fellow artists tracks such as Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Halsey and Ariana Grande, Carly has created a twinkle-eyed and catchy pop hit awash with a bright-eyed spirit and elemental internal discovery that has led the LA artist to step fully into her friendly, bubbly and confident self while requesting that the individual who she desires steps up their game to meet her level of fearlessness.

Follow Holander's musical journey on Soundcloud and keep an eye out for the upcoming release of Holander's EP, "Turn Down Your Mind, Open Your Eyes". Don’t be surprised if the EP makes it onto the Pop charts and perhaps we’ll see Carly on a VMA stage over the next five years; don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

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