Music Review: Sparkling Electropop

Music Review: "Little Less Shy" – Sparkling Electropop from Holander
by Randy Radic, Left Coast author, writer, and editor

“Little Less Shy” is the new single from Holander. The single is from her forthcoming EP, called Turn Down Your Mind, Open Your Eyes. From Los Angeles, Holander writes music to empower listeners, allowing them to comprehend who they are and where they fit in the world.

Stylistically, Holander is best described as pop/electropop, emphasizing a solid groove, potent bassline and harmonic sound effects. 

“Little Less Shy” begins with a thrumming synth and a solid, buoyant groove. The melody rides the synth, while rhythmic elements are provided by the bass and the percussive effects. The effervescent melody delivers an electropop feel, along with a definite pop effluvium that drives the melody rapidly forward, making it danceable. Overall, the song is peppy and intimate, sparkling with an infectious glimmer of sonic reflection. Clean, clear, crisp background vocals add to the contagious quality of the song, along with providing a light layered effect that shimmers out and up. Holander's voice is upbeat and optimistic, with good phrasing and a distinctive inflection that delivers a slightly exotic flavor. Her voice reminds me of a cross between Taylor Swift and Brittany Spears, but with more tonal oomph and sonority rife with coruscating clarity. It’s an attractive, elegant voice, especially for electropop, a genre whose divas tend to all sound the same. But Holander's voice is distinctive because of the aforementioned exotic quality.

The lyrics of “Little Less Shy” are quite unique, avoiding the usual clichés of electropop. The chorus is catchy, memorable and hard to resist singing along with, especially with the bubbly melody riding underneath.

“Coming at you full force / Finger your hair like a cello / You’re singin’ about being a narcissist / But I like it oh oh / Stickin’ to the old thing / Following your boys like a shadow / Ooh you hide your eyes / From girls and guys alike / But I like it oh oh / Ooh ooh baby you should try being a little less shy / Ooh ooh baby if you know that I want you / You’ve always been a good guy / Coughin’ up a storm around tobacco / You know debauchery’s my style / But I can kick it with your vibe / Cuz I like it oh oh / Never seen it before / You’re the missing shot in my espresso / Initiatin’ ain’t just for guys no more / And I like it ooh ooh.”

“Little Less Shy” is a great tune. And Holander has the vocal chops to deliver it. The melody is cogent, vivacious and attractive, and the lyrics avoid the mundane banalities associated with most electropop tunes. I have added this one to my personal playlist. It’s that good.

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