Delivers Uplifting, Empowering Music

Holander Delivers Uplifting, Empowering Music – Listen to Little Less Shy
by Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman 

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Holander creates a unique brand of infectious, empowering, uplifting electro pop with an unabating sense of positivity and resilience.

Having worked in children’s musical theater, Holander takes her experiences in that arena and applies them to her music as a way to find refreshing, imaginative ways of expressing herself in song form. Growing up in a musical family, Holander has a deep understanding of music and began writing songs as early as elementary school.

Touching back on her career in theater, Holander has appeared on Showtime’s House of Lies and she won the award for Best Actress at the Moondance Film Festival in 2015 for her work on The Boy at the Window.

With the completion and upcoming release of her Turn Down Your Mind, Open Your Eyes EP, Holander is ready to unleash a wave of uplifting positivity onto anyone who opens their ears and attention to her sounds.

Listen to the single Little Less Shy below or find it on Soundcloud and Spotify.

You can connect directly with Holander on FBIG or Twitter.

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